Short History of Saint Peter Church, Bronx, New York

The Church of Saint Peter began as a chapel of Saint Anargyroi in Manhattan, but its growth was so rapid that it separated from the mother Church and became a self sustaining Parish. Christos Xodris was elected the first Parish Council President. The Saint John’s Catholic School offered their cafeteria for Church services and Father Halkias, a retired Priest was assigned as the first Priest. Even though he was assigned as a part time priest, he was responsible for the early progress and success of the Community. An afternoon Greek School was immediately established under the direction of Eydozia Levesano who served for many years.

In 1995 the Church Fathers realized that a permanent home was necessary and they purchased our present property with a house. Soon the house was demolished, plans were prepared and construction began with the hope to build a Byzantine Church. 

A fund raising campaign has been reactivated and plans have been submitted to the Building department for new building permits to correct the errors of the past and to proceed with the final construction of the Church. [For further information on the construction see the Building program in another section]

The church opening took place in 2012. Recently a large scale icnography program has been initiated. For further information, please click here. The lower level named after our Great Benefactor "Steve Zevoudis Hall" includes the hall that serves as our Community Center, the kitchen, the service rooms, as well as two classrooms for our Greek afternoon school.


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